Glossier Phase 1 Review

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welcome to my re designed blog! I’m so glad you’re here, and hope that you find something that keeps you coming back for more. As you guys know, I have a youtube channel on which I talk about all things beauty and fashion related. Here, I wanted to link some of the video info with more in depth pictures and quick little blurbs about the products. All the below posts are from my old blog (in case you guys were wondering how you already knew those things)!

Today I am going to be reviewing the Glossier Phase 1 set that everyone is talking about! I was so excited to try out this product, and I honestly absolutely love it. Watch my video for the full review, but below are some pictures.

Everything for the Glossier Phase 1 set came in a white box. In that white box were stickers, a tote, and pink bubble wrapped zip locs. In that were the products.

Glossier Packaging

Glossier Products

Glossier Cream

I mixed the “medium” and “dark” shades to get my shade. They say the skin tint has a color fitting technology which enables it to take to all skin tones and adjust accordingly. For me, the medium was too light as you can see above, and the dark was a bit too dark. Good thing though- it doesn’t oxidize so it won’t change color after being worn.

Glossier Skin Tint Blend

  Here is my hand after I blended the skin tint in. While it doesn’t “cover,” it has blurred out imperfections a bit.

Blended Skin Tone
Here is my hand without any product, for comparison.

Glossier Skin Tint

Glossier Skin Blend Final Look
All done!! Here is the finished product- pretty much undetectable on my skin, but so natural!

Watch my video review below!


– portable

– great packaging that can’t break, cutesy with the stickers

– lightweight “creme” great for even oily skin. It moisturizes really well and has helped get rid of my dry spots

– skin tint virtually looks un detectable on my face, yet helps to blur out imperfections

– balm dot com dries to a matte finish so no greasy residue

– everything is fragrance free except for the rosewater spray


– price

– rosewater spray burns my eyes for some reason

– too few colors in the skin tint range. Could stand to add a “deep” shade

Overall Grade: A


Would you guys buy Glossier? Why or why not? Leave your thoughts in the comments (click on the word “comments” to do this) down below! Thanks for visiting!

My Experience With Laser Hair Removal

Hey ladies,
long time no talk =( I’m so very sorry! I started a new job, went traveling, and was uber busy with a million things in between including wedding season! But I’m back, and for good.

Today I wanted to take the time to talk to you about laser hair removal.

The History…
1) I’ve always suffered from extremely sensitive skin on my legs, which made shaving very difficult
2) I would bleed like a fountain from shaving!
3) I researched tons of options about laser hair removal, but always thought it was too pricy

The Present…
1) I logged on to and found an amazing laser hair removal deal there! $600 for full body laser hair removal, and 6 treatments.
2) I researched the company who was offering this deal, and found great in depth, honest reviews from patients.
3) I went for it!

I have only had one treatment so far, but I am already seeing great results! I am getting my whole body done, and that literally means every hair. I bought a numbing gel so subside the pain if there was any, and this really helped me. When I had a consultation, my skin burned and stung with the impact on the laser. However, after using the numbing gel, I did not feel anything except for tiny stinging sensations on sensitive areas of my skin such as the Brazilian area, ankles, and knees.

Things to Know Before you Go:
1) Everybody’s skin reacts differently. There have been a few cases where laser hair removal has caused hyper or hypo pigmentation
2) There might be pain, depending on your pain threshold
3) Every area of your body can be lasered without side affects. For example, getting the brazilian area done will not affect your chance of getting pregnant and will not cause birth defects
4) It takes about 6-10 treatments for all your hair to be gone
5) You might not see any results until the 3rd treatment
6) Pregnancy changes your hormones, and some of your hair will start to resurface during this time
7) Even after all your treatments, you might be left with very minimal hair that can be shaved off
8) During your 6 treatments, you are not allowed to wax, you can only shave the hair off
9) Light skinned, dark haired people make the best candidate

My Experience:
1) With the help of the numbing gel, I did not feel any pain except in my brazilian area, ankles, and knees
2) I was able to decide on all the areas I wanted done with no problems, the staff was friendly and engaging, and extremely helpful
3) After just one treatment, my underarms have stopped growing hair, and other areas of my skin is only growing back hair in patches

I will update you guys once I have a few more treatments!

Check out the links below for a nine month and two year update!

Nine Month
Two Year

Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

I was in NYC last week to attend a makeup workshop by renowned makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic aka Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. I suffered some burns on my face after using a personal microdermabrasion system and wanted to find a foundation/concealer with the heaviest coverage I could find to cover up the scabs. Mario mentioned at his workshop that Kevyn Aucoin has the best foundations around- and being that I haven’t seen this brand in Atlanta, I decided to splurge and get it from Henri Bendel in New York.

First Impressions:
– Looks like a creamy, whipped concealer
– Great shade range
– Cute packaging
– Smells great

After Swatching:
– OMG you only need the TINIEST and I mean TINY amount to get flawless coverage
– Dried matte
– My skin breathed through

After Using For a Week:
– Best foundation/concealer I have ever used
– I used this as a foundation all over my skin and got the best coverage I have ever gotten, while still looking natural
– Great oil control
– This jar will last me forever!
– Great concealer for under eye area to brighten

12598Picture 118

– Great coverage
– Makes skin still look like skin
– Great at brightening under the eye
– Great oil control properties
– Great color range for most people
– Creamy

– I have to mix 11 and 13 to get my foundation shade
– Creased under my eyes

Overall Rating: A

Mac Matchmaster Foundation Review

Hello Hello my lovelies!
I went to Vegas in September and snatched up MAC’s latest foundation: The Matchmaster. I wasnt looking for it to impress or really be something that I’d like, I just needed a foundation for nighttime that would replace the one I forgot to bring from home.

First Impressions:
1) Good color range- though there are only 14 shades, I felt like the range of colors encompassed every skin tone.
2) No overbearing undertone! HUGE plus!
3) Much bigger bottle than any of the other MAC foundations

After Swatching:
1) Thick, creamy texture, did not feel like a liquid foundation
2) Blended seamlessly, giving a no makeup look
3) Good pump that was able to dispense just how much I wanted, never producing too much product
4) I settled on color 6.0

Matchmaster Foundation ReviewMatchmaster Foundation Review

This foundation has really impressed me. Not only is it more bang for your buck with the larger bottle, but the formula has won me over. Like most MUA’s, MAC foundations are not the ones we usually turn to for photography, and for the normal consumer, most MAC foundations tend to look cakey, and like too much makeup on the face. This product however, really lets real skin breathe through, and doesn’t go on like a mask. That being said, the formula is very thick- I almost want to call it a cream foundation because it does not go on as liquidy as a liquid foundation does. Still, it does not feel heavy on the skin and does not look like most cream foundations do.

Another pro- MAC has infused this formula with a natural oil absorbing agent, which helps my oily skin tons! I honestly dont remember the last time I had to blot my face. It sets with a matte finish, (some people say semi matte but to me it looks matte) and for people with combination skin, I wouldnt even suggest to powder it. Yes, thats because that natural oil absorber really works its butt off! Great, great formula for oily skin. However, I did notice that it doesn’t photograph as well as foundations without an SPF. BUT, its normal for SPF carrying foundations to look a bit gray in pictures.

My favorite perk- the fact that the undertone is so barely there that it matches to both yellow and pink toned people! I have naturally light pink tones, but usually use neutral or yellow toned foundations to help neutralize my skin, and with this foundation I have not had to do that. MAC has also released a color wheel to help match people since this foundation range does not have the typical NW or NC naming, rather it goes from 1-10. This might confuse people, but I find this foundation formula to be forgiving in that it is okay to get a shade up or down from your normal, because it will settle into your skin and adapt to your coloring.

I will say, I am highly impressed with the fact that the foundation doesnt look heavy on the skin at all. In fact, it is one of my ONLY foundations that does not look like I have anything on! DISCLAIMER- I have been using the Clarisonic for about 1.5 months, and have noticed that products soak into my skin much easier. Maybe that is the reason for this foundation to go on like nothing and feel like skin. Another perk- For all my ladies who have struggled with hyperpigmentation resulting in grayish skin after putting on foundation, I have noticed that this foundation doesnt do that! Gray skin, goodbye!

This foundation has become my go to for every day, as long as I am not being photographed. I dont think it looks BAD in pictures, but its not my favorite for that purpose.

Below is a picture for Matchmaster matching purposes. Enjoy!

Mac Matchmaster Foundation

Working With Event Planners: MUA Know How!

As a makeup artist you will quickly see that whether you want to or not, you will have to work with event planners. A bride will come to you for a consultation/trial, and from there on, you will hear from her event planner. Also, if you are having a hard time getting business (especially if you are new!) call a few event planning companies around town to see if they need makeup artists. Most event planners will be overjoyed that you called and will ask you to provide them with a few pictures of your work, as well your website url. Working with event planners tends to be lucrative, as they have a network of brides that you might not be able to get yourself. HOWEVER…below are a few things that you should make sure to do!

1) Upon first starting to work with a new planner, make sure you go over all of your prices. For example…
– bridal makeup (airbrush and regular if you have different pricing for the two)
– bridesmaid/bridal party member
– stage makeup
– all other types of makeup (regular party makeup etc)
– travel rates
– day rates

2) Ask for a contract for EACH wedding (or any other) event you are going to do for her. All professional event planners will send you one as SOON as she books you, but in the case that she does not, make sure to ask her.

3) Make sure to send out an invoice (to the planner) for each wedding that you do for her. This is your way of making sure that you know the total since you made it. Ask her if there are any problems. At this point, if she has said nothing, you should be getting a check for the total amount YOU have written in the invoice. Make sure to include travel costs in the invoice as well.

4) As her if she mails a check out, or will give it to you at the event. In the event that she says she will mail it to you, ask her if she abides by the 14 day rule. Most businesses mail out a check within 14 days of the event taking place.

5) Ask if she needs gas receipts or any other travel receipts. Therefore you can make sure you save them so that you’re not searching for them later.

6) Ask if she will need the travel receipts in order to reimburse you. Make sure to follow up on this, as many event planners get off easy in this department. You will forget as time goes on, and no check for your travel costs will come. I have had this happen to me, so be very careful to follow up!

7) Ask the event planner if cost of food is taken care of. This usually is the case, and while working on the bridal party, you can order food to the hotel room. If you are working at a home, the event planner is supposed to arrange food and drink for you after you are done with your task.

I know that I have written a lot about ”ask..” but that is because you should knowBEFORE getting into a business transaction with the event planner what you are in for. She will know you are a professional as well, and will not take it the wrong way.

What should you look out for in terms of the DAY OF? Here are just a few things…

Bridal Makeup Artist

1) As a makeup artist, make sure you wear ALL BLACK or whatever attire the event planner requires of you (so make sure to ask!).

2) Be on TIME. Though most bridal parties are never on time, it is a lot worse when you do not show up on time and they are ready!

3) Make sure you have eaten, have a few bottles of water on you, and are ready to go! You don’t want to get the growlies while working!

4) Take a few breath mints before starting work. You are working so close to someone’s face that bad breath is not an option!

5) Have lots of energy, and smile! A wedding is a huge day for a bride, and a lot of the time, hair and makeup artists serve as therapists. You will hear all about her life, how she met her dream man, how much she hates her mother in law, so on and so forth! Stay professional, and do not start bitching with her. Listen to her, console her, share in her happy day, but never cross the line.

A Beautiful Indian Princess…(Bridal Makeup Tips)

Today I did makeup for an Indian bride. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the festivities that precede an Indian wedding, here’s a quick lesson. The week before a Hindu wedding takes place is filled with other ceremonies, each surrounded with a special meaning. Today was my bride’s Henna or Mehndi (as we call it in India), ceremony.

Not only was her outfit beautiful, but she was the sweetest, friendliest, and excited bride. Those are my favorite! Weddings make me giddy as I envision what my own special day will be like. There is so much love in the air as the bride gets ready to wed.

My bride wanted her makeup to match her outfit perfectly, so she chose pink and silver as those were the 2 colors on her outfit. After talking about it some more, we decided to do gold and pink instead, and we were both very happy with the results! MUA TIP: Each bride will have a specific look in mind- but remember, you are the expert. If you do not think it will work, voice that opinion instead of doing what she has in mind and then having her be unhappy. As a normal consumer, most brides do not know much about makeup, or what will look good on camera and accentuate her outfit. It is your job to make her look good, so sometimes you need to help guide her to the right decision. And in the end, I guarantee both of you will be happy!

Here she is casually dressed in sweats and a hoodie, with just her eyes done. Still so pretty! Hair is in the works at this point as well.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Most of my brides choose to go with airbrush foundation, and I personally think this is the better choice. I applied 2 layers of Dinair airbrush makeup, some light pink blush NOT on the apples of her cheeks, rather, towards the hairline, and a lot of highlight. MUA TIP: if you choose a blush shade that is similar in tone to the eyeshadow, do not apply the blush to the apples of the cheek. Doing so creates too much of a symmetrical makeup look, and the client will look extremely monochromatic. It is okay to use blush, eyeshadow, and lipsticks from the same color family, but product placement is then very important. Creating a bit of asymmetry through the cheeks lightens up the look.

Here is a quick face shot I took. Sorry for the terrible lighting! I know you can’t tell but the eyeshadow was actually a mixture of a bright and dark pink, to create a mid toned shade of pink.

Indian Makeup Tips

We ended with some pale pink lipstick, and added a plum lip liner to darken the lips a bit and create a shaded affect. We added some doll like lashes, and my bride was ready to go!

Traditional Indian Wedding Bride Indian Wedding Bride