OOTD: All White Everything, From Day to Night

Hey everyone!

Today I’m back with one of my favorite pairings for spring/summer 2015: white on white. I got inspired to do this when I was in Singapore last year, and saw a jeweler wearing all white. She looked so effortless and cool that I was immediately digging the look. While her look was tight white pants with a loose top, I wanted to do something a bit more textured and fitted for my body shape. Since I’m very petite, I like to go for styles that are a bit tighter so that I look taller. 

Disclaimer: WordPress and IOS are having some problems, so some pictures might be appearing sideways on your iPhone. This issue is being resolved, but in the mean time, please click on the image to see it the correct way. So sorry!

FullSizeRender copyThe top I chose is off white, and a bit different from the pants, but I loved how well they still went together

FullSizeRender-2For a look like this, you have to break up the monotony with a few pops of color




And to change it up and go casual for a day time look, all you have to do is take off the extra pieces of jewelry, and throw on some comfortable loafers!

FullSizeRender-2 copy

FullSizeRender-4 copy

IMG_6153You could even cuff the jeans to give it a more casual feel

Outfit Details:

Top: Armani Exchange

Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch

Necklace: Forever 21

Clutch: Tori Burch

Heels: BCBG

Flats: Tods

Bracelet: Random shop in India

Review: Glossier Face Masks

Hello my fellow beauty junkies!

You guys have heard me rant and rave about the Glossier phase one set enough already, but now I’m here to tell you guys about the newest products in their line up. Introducing…the mega greens galaxy pack, and the moisturizing moon mask! Yes, face masks. I really thought the next product from Glossier would be a face wash (I had even suggested that one) but they created two different, yet complimentary face masks instead.

IMG_6415The packaging is plastic tubs of 3 oz. of product each for $22

IMG_6418Both masks have a totally different feel and are different colors

The mega greens galaxy pack has been dubbed the “juice cleanse” for your face by Glossier. This means its loaded with super fruit and leafy greens such as parsley, spinach, lemon, etc., and is really good for your skin. Its base is kaolin clay, which is the lightest form of clay for a clay mask. However, don’t let that fool you! This mask does a lot of work without looking or feeling (hello non drying clay!) like it. 

Glossier’s Claims:

Detoxifying, balancing, nourishing, and helps to calm inflammation. They also say it helps draw out excess oil and impurities, and leaves your skin feeling soft with a velvet- matte finish.

My Experience:


This mask is a thick (ish) one that is very light green in texture with a slight scent that is very pleasant. I moisten my face before putting it on (as per Glossier’s instructions), and slather it on with a few fingers. Upon contact I feel that there is a slight tingling and burning sensation which goes away in the first few minutes of application. It dries to a translucent finish and almost disappears into the skin. You can see tiny green particles around your face from the leafy greens. After removal, I found my face to be very soft, and conditioned, as opposed to dry and tight which is usually what I feel like after using clay masks. My skin felt clean, did have a velvet matte finish, and produced less oil throughout the day. However, I didn’t see a gigantic difference in my skin or anything in particular that I felt wowed me. 

Overall Grade: B

The moisturizing moon mask is meant to brighten skin with sweet almond oil, plant based squaline, and hyaluronic acid. This mask is also packed with lots of natural products such as honey, licorice, and lemon fruit extract to plump up and hydrate the skin

Glossier’s Claims:

Hydrating, plumping, brightening, smooth fine lines and restore elasticity. It is also supposed to even out the complexion and soothe the skin while pumping in moisture.

My Experience:


This mask is so different than I was expecting. It looks something like Pond’s cold cream but has the texture of a gel and cream in one. Thick, but not heavy, bouncy, but not like flubber (sorry, I had to). I apply this with a few fingers and try to get a thick layer so I can see it more- but as time goes on it soaks into the skin and turns completely transparent. When I went to the mirror after 20 minutes, I was shocked to see my face looking very shiny and the mask virtually having disappeared. It looks like your skin would look after applying a toner or a serum. Basically, very shiny. This made me think the mask has completely soaked into my skin, and when I wet my hands and started taking it off, I realized that it really did soak in very much because this mask was hard to get off! My hands slipped and slid to remove all of it, but that made me very happy! I also noticed a huge difference in the brightness of my complexion and the obvious glow there was. I also loved the fact that my face did not feel tight at all, rather very comfortable and soft to the touch. 

Overall Grade: A

I follow both the masks with the Glossier face mist and then the priming moisturizer, and I love the results. Glossier says to use both the masks in one sitting (first the mega greens for 20 minutes, followed by the moisturizing moon mask for another 20), but I like to use them separately. I prefer using the mega greens in the morning since it helps reduce oil production throughout the day, and the moisturizing moon mask at night. I feel like the next morning after having used that mask there is a huge difference in my normally dull skin.

Each mask retails for $22, and are 3 oz. each. Not bad at all, considering how many brands charge an arm and a leg for skincare such as this. You can purchase them HERE. Don’t forget to check out my video review on both of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YT6blPVkrw&feature=youtu.be

Atlanta: The Cosmetic Market Experience

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to fill you in on an amazing experience I had at the Atlanta location of The Cosmetic Market. For those of you who don’t know, The Cosmetic Market is a unique shopping experience that started in Tennessee and is now growing into other metro areas around the U.S. It is a store for all your cosmetic and hair care needs, and even has a few home good products such as candles. The experience part comes into play because they also have a Bliss wax bar and a full service facial center as well. Thats where I spent the bulk of my time, and I absolutely loved it!

I got a customized facial based on what the esthetician and I thought my skin needed. What I love about this concept is that this store has a lot of high end luxury cosmetics brands (By Terry, Nars, Surrat), and the service is amazing! Nori, the store manager was so attentive to my needs and every other employee was great too! Below are some pictures of my experience- AND, if you guys are in the Atlanta area, you get $20 off if you mention my blog. Amazing, right?

If any of these pictures are showing up sideways, please pardon me! Problem is getting fixed soon! In the mean time, please click on the picture to see it properly 

IMG_5922The store has a Naimes (LA based beauty retailer) feel to it

IMG_6353The store is lined with aisles that contain all your skin care/hair care products as well as a few home good style things

IMG_6355I was so excited to see By Terry here! I have never seen this brand in Georgia, so The Cosmetic Market is the pioneer in bringing them here. By Terry is a higher end Parisian brand

IMG_6356Another really big and popular brand- Oribe was here in full force! If you guys are into the Youtube beauty world, you know that Oribe has been blowing up the virtual world lately!

IMG_6357I’m forever looking for products to volumize my limp hair, and was directed to try some of Kevin Murphy’s line. This was a new one to me, but I am not disappointed!

IMG_6361If you guys know me, you know that Nars is my absolute favorite makeup brand. It was so awesome seeing practically their entire range of products here! If you guys have not checked out their All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, you have to! 

IMG_6360While the middle of the store has all the aisles housing varied products, the perimeter of the store is home to counters full of high end makeup brands

IMG_6358Bliss wax bar to get your eyebrows or upper lip done!

IMG_6359I loved this little spot in the store. This is my version of the “boyfriend quarters” since theres a tv and drinks for your counterpart to keep him busy while you shop!

IMG_6362This is the room I got a facial in. It was fully equipped with a steam machine, heated bed (yesssss!) and all the other gadgets estheticians use that I’m not familiar with. The best part? You have a TON of different facials to choose from, and if you can’t decide, they can customize one to suit your needs. Mention my blog and you will receive $20 off your next facial

IMG_6363These are the products that were chosen to be used on me. The only one I was familiar with from before was the Glam Glow moisturizing mask. In this mix, there are toners, exfoliators, and lotions. We decided my biggest concerns were dull skin and redness.

IMG_6364Thanks Nori, for my awesome gift bag! I also left with some Kevin Murphy and Caudalie products

I will definitely be back soon for some more goodies as well as another facial! I had not gotten one for years, so this was a real treat and now I know how important it is for your skin. Most of the things we do at home to our skin is superficial and cannot get out all the gunk and blackheads we develop over time. 

A few other brands The Cosmetic Market also has include: Caudalie, Too Faced, Bed Head and many more!

The Cosmetic Market is located at the Avalon outdoor shopping mall in Johns Creek, Georgia. 

Indian/South Asian Bridal Makeup Series: Haldi/Pithi Makeup

Hey Everyone,

With all the love and positive feedback I received on my last bridal makeup tutorial, I knew I had to do a few more of those videos. So I decided to expand into a series and cover all the different events that we have for the wedding. This particular look is one I thought would be great for the pithi/haldi ceremony. 

That ceremony is about perfecting the brides skin for her wedding day by purifying it with natural ingredients. All the older people of the family come forward and put turmeric powder, yogurt, gram flower, honey etc. on the bride to make her skin glow! That part is done without her having any makeup on, and then she goes and showers/changes to her outfit and gets her hair and makeup done. This look was created with that in mind.

The look I created was with glowing skin in mind, and more natural makeup. I didn’t want to mask her beauty, and wanted to show off her youthfulness! I was going for a “pretty” look as opposed to super done up and unnatural.

Be sure to check out my video on this look too! It will be live on Thursday at 7 am EST https://youtu.be/DetM4IrNkhM

Again, please bear with me while these picture continue to show up sideways. The problem will hopefully be fixed soon! In the mean time, if you click on them you should be able to see the image properly.




Products Used:

– MAC fix plus spray

– Too Faced shadow insurance

– Urban Decay Sin e/s from ammo palette

– MAC soft brown e/s

– MAC transparent teal pigment

– MAC rice paper e/s 

– MUFE liquid/gel eyeliner

– Urban decay virgin e/s from naked palette

– MAC handwritten e/s

– MAC carbon e/s 

– MAC brun e/s

– MUFE hd foundation color 120

– Graftobian neutral palette concealer (second from the top left)

– Graftobian hd powder foundation warm palette (mixed the two lightest shades)

– Nars cap vert cream bronzer

– MAC tint cream color base

– MAC triple fusion highlighter/bronzer

– MAC plum liner 

– Unknown lipstick shade =(

– Unknown lashes

– Benefit they’re real mascara

OOTN: Saying Goodbye to Winter

Hey Everyone!

Here in ATL it has already started warming up (and by that I mean its already 80+ degrees), so I think its safe to assume spring/summer has arrived. But before we bid winter goodbye, I wanted to post one more dinner date outfit I wore last week, for those of you who are in colder places. This outfit can also be tweaked to be spring/summer ready! I will explain how below =)

If any of the pictures are still showing up sideways, I’m so sorry! This issue is taking a lot longer to resolve than I thought it would


FullSizeRender-5If you find a pair of good fitting jeans, hold on to them for dear life! They make everything you wear look 100x better

IMG_6132I bought these babies on Rue a week ago, and they have been on my feet non stop. Gold goes with everything!

IMG_6133I wanted to match the burgundy pants with my favorite vampy lipstick- Vampira by Kat Von D.

FullSizeRenderAccessory necessities: I played upon the gold chain of my bag and added pops of gold with the necklace and bracelets

FullSizeRender-3Wearing a necklace with a turtle neck is an absolute must! Here I paired it with a long necklace as opposed to choker style to lengthen my whole body


This outfit was the perfect easy breezy no frills type of look, and I’m all about that. You could also pair a shorter sleeved tight tee with the pants to make it more spring ready. Overall, I really like how this look turned out! What do you guys think?

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Hollister Co.

Shoes: BCBG (but bought on Rue- click HERE to be taken to my post about this website)

Necklace: The Limited

Bracelets: Kate Spade NY

Handbag: Tory Burch

Hair Extensions: Clips Ins for Thickness and Volume

Hey everyone!

In the past year or so, my normally thick hair started to thin out. I see a noticeable difference in my hair especially when I keep it straight, and I hate it! Enter: hair extensions. I never thought I would be the girl who would love them. I didn’t even expect to like them. But I can honestly say they are a game changer! I also have a full video on them demonstrating how to use them –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnNO1pqG2PE

I got a set of “natural black” colored extensions from Irresistible Me, from their silky touch line. They are 200 grams, which basically means thats how much they weigh. Aka, they’re pretty thick pieces of hair. I got 20 inches to match my current length of hair, and I love them! It’s so easy to clip them in. You just part your hair where you want to put them in, and un clip/re clip to hold them in place. Then you tousle your natural hair to cover the clips so they don’t show. 

If you get the correct color, they should blend in very well- so make sure you check out the full range to choose your best shade! I got the thickest hair available because I was going for volume and thickness over length. And when I put them in, even when my hair is straight, theres a huge difference in my hair! It looks so much healthier and thicker. And then when I curl it, va-va-voom! Its instant fullness and looks like its all my natural hair.

At first when you look at the number of pieces of hair you get, you might think it is too little- but in reality, theres only so much scalp everyone has, and you can’t possibly get all the pieces in. For me, I could only use the largest/thickest piece (4 clips) and then two 3 clip pieces, for a total of 3 pieces!

Remember, hair extensions are supposed to feel like extensions of your own natural hair. So don’t treat them any different! You can curl and straighten them like you do your normal hair. You should also shampoo at regular intervals so they don’t feel dirty.

FullSizeRender copyMy natural hair, no extensions

FullSizeRender-2Extensions in, hair still natural. No straightening or flat iron use

FullSizeRenderQuick beachy curls with my extensions in

This was my first time using any extensions, and I have to say I’m in love. Here is a quick pros and cons list for you guys!


– So many different lengths and thickness available so you can customize to your needs. Many different colors too

– Easy maintenance

– Look very natural

– Easy to style so you can add them to any look you want to achieve

– Will last a LOOOONGGG time


– Price ($200 for a whole box)

Overall Grade: A+

I can only speak for Irresistible Me since those are the only ones I have used, but I really love the ones I got. If you are someone who likes to wear extensions on a daily basis, you should go for their Royal Remy collection, as those will last longer.

And since I know they are expensive, here is a direct link and coupon code for you!

http://bit.ly/IM_Hair711 Use code “IrresistibleMegha” to save 10% off your order!


OOTN: A Bright Pop of Color

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you guys a casual-ish dinner date outfit. I wore this to a trendy restaurant last week and loved how the outfit turned out. Its simple, but little things make it fun and trendy. I chose a bright red wool coat to be the show stopper, and normally with something like that you can wear a very neutral outfit under it. However, I went with a striped maroon and gold body con dress to show you that you can still have shades of red in the outfit and it won’t be too red. I was thinking of rocking a red lip- but realized that would be over kill.

FullSizeRender-3You can easily turn a tight dress into something dinner ready by wearing a long coat over it

FullSizeRender-4Sticking with my love of turtlenecks, I had to choose a statement necklace to wear because…well naturally. Its me.

FullSizeRenderI’ve never actually worn a bright red with a warm toned brown before, but I took the risk, and I loved it! 

FullSizeRender-2Since this look is so colorful, it was important to stick with a bag of the same color as the shoes, or it would be too many colors in one look.

What do you guys think?

Outfit Details:

Dress: Nasty Gal

Coat: Ann Taylor

Necklace: Nordstrom Savvy section

Stockings: Target

Shoes: Target

Bag: BCBG (bought on Rue La La. Click HERE to learn more about the website)

OOTD: Faux Fur

Hey guys!

One of my favorite trends that became big in 2014 is fur. I love everything about it- it looks and feels luxurious, and its actually pretty warm! There are so many different ways to wear a fur vest, but most people end up going the quintessential route of throwing it over a long sleeve top and jeans. I wanted to show you how to wear it in a more dressed up and trendy way, with shorts. 

IMG_5602If you’re going to wear fur with shorts, make sure to wear stockings! 

IMG_5603This whole look is about mixing brown and black. The shoes are brown with gold details, and the vest is brown/sandy colored, and has hints of grey.

IMG_5597I went all neutral with this look, but chose a lighter color tee to make the darkness of the handbag, stockings, and shorts stand out.

IMG_5601Even though the vest covers up a good portion of my neck, I wanted to pair a statement necklace with it because the tee is a turtleneck. I could have gone with a red or orange to make it pop, but I didn’t want to take away from the vest.

IMG_5599Close up of the bag and shoes. I stuck with a bag that also has gold details to make sure the shoes matched them. Its all about details!

IMG_5598Fur vests are especially great on tiny frames like myself, because it really fills you out!

I love this look! I made the look more feminine by choosing to wear lace high waisted shorts as opposed to a plain, non textured black. What do you guys think about this look?

Outfit Deets:

Vest- Abercrombie and Fitch

Long sleeve tee: Forever 21

Statement necklace: Wantable Co.

Shorts: Guess by Marciano

Stockings: Target

Shoes: Nordstrom

Handbag: Celine mini luggage tote