ABH Brow Wiz Vs. Brow Definer

brow wiz vs brow definer

The queen of eyebrows, Anastasia Beverly Hills released a new product recently, the brow definer. This caused quite a stir in the Youtube community, so I quickly ordered mine to see what the hype was all about. I am a huge ABH fan in general, and the dipbrow pomade is a product I am completely hooked on! In this post, I am breaking down the Pros and Cons of the brow wiz (her first brow product) and the brow definer. 

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I bought the brow wiz a little over a year ago, and after I got through the initial hiccup of learning how to use it properly, I completely fell in love. It takes more time to use than the dipbrow pomade which I had been using, but I loved the more natural look it gave me. I have it in dark brown.


  • cheaper than the other brow products at $21
  • the fine tip lets you be more precise and leaves less room for error
  • the final result is natural, and the texture of the hair still looks like hair


  • gets over much more quickly than the other products. Mine finished in 5 months without me even using it that much!
  • takes longer to do each brow because of the smaller tip
  • you have to press harder to get the darkness you want


I snatched up the brow definer in dark brown also, and have been testing it out every day to get used to it. The formula feels different to me than the brow wiz, in that it coats my hair much more than the wiz does. 


  • you get a much faster application because of the tip being larger
  • the angled tip is great for a beginner who does not know how to be very precise
  • great for people who want a very thick, bushy brow look
  • the spoolie on the end is thicker and better than the one on the brow wiz


  • the texture is thicker than the brow wiz, giving a more painted on look
  • its easy to make mistakes because this product glides more easily

Overall, they are both great products, and just depends on your personal preference! However, I prefer my brow wiz

abh brow wiz and brow definer

abh brow definer

abh brow definer

Have you tried either of these products? If so, which one did you like best?