Atlanta Food: Bangkok Station


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a HUGE foodie. I am the happiest when eating a delicious meal and enjoying some crafty cocktails. I can’t believe I didn’t start this sooner- but from now on I will try to do a weekly restaurant review on a place I have recently visited. I frequent some pretty incredible restaurants in Atlanta, and you guys need to know about them!

This week I had the incredible opportunity to visit a relatively new restaurant in the Atlanta food scene, Bangkok Station. I am a HUGE Thai food fan, and I was excited to try this place from the get go after checking out their beautiful website and reading up on their menu.

Upon first glance, I noticed that their gallery was full of interior decor photos, and each picture showcased a large and contemporary atmosphere. This is perfect for Atlanta, and thats exactly what the mass market wants here. After that, I checked out their menu and was pleasantly surprised by the large selection of wine and cocktails. I have noticed that most Thai restaurants tend  not to  focus on drinks, and as a result the options are very limited. The usual resiling, cosmopolitan, etc are offered. This bar menu, however, focused on drinks I had never heard of before and had an impressive line up of ingredients incorporating traditional Thai spices!

Moving on to the menu- this menu was so large and had some very impressive dishes. Lamb, scallops, and many appetizers I have never heard of in my life. This immediately showed me that the restaurant is high end, as the meats and types of fish offered were far from run of the mill. I was so excited to try it! I grabbed my girlfriend, Natasha Kotto from Toto’s Life and Style, and headed over.

Upon getting to the restaurant, the GM, Mannie, greeted us at the door and told us about the history of the restaurant and the owners. He explained that the spot they took over used to belong to a bar that was open 24/7 (what!!) and that the owners were a husband wife duo from Thailand. He also told us that his experience in the industry made him want to change the whole bar menu to something more fun and compelling. This explained the large and exciting drink menu!

Manne surprised us with a cocktail flight, wine flight, and a 5 course meal!! This was far above our expectations, but let me just tell you- each and every item far exceeded our expectations, and I can say with full confidence that this is the best Thai restaurant in Atlanta. Below are some of the pictures we took of our delicious meal- enjoy!DSC05015Appetizer sampler plate consisted of 4 popular Thai apps, each one more tantalizing than the next! This was called the Pearl of Bangkok

DSC05017This is a picture of the delicious chicken satay, a very popular Thai appetizer. I usually NEVER like this particular appetizer at any other restaurant, but here, it was a huge hit for me!

DSC05030My delicious chicken penang curry was so spicy and absolutely perfect

DSC05024Scallops at a Thai restaurant? What?! Absolutely delicious

DSC05036What a beautiful dessert! This was a play on creme brûlée, Thai style!

DSC05012Our cocktail flight consisted of unique drinks fusing Thai cooking ingredients and a different spirit base for each one

DSC04990The entrance deserved so many pictures to be taken! It was so warm and welcoming, and the abundance of wood made me feel right at home

DSC04994The waiting area really stood out to me-  contemporary design with pops of color



DSC04996Private dining area available!

Bangkok Station website 

550 Pharr Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30305