Atlanta Food: Cooks and Soldiers

cheesecake dessert cooks and soldiers

Last week I had the pleasure of trying out Cooks and Soldiers for the purpose of reviewing it for you! I have been there a few times, but that was before I started off food blogging. This restaurant from the get go had caught my eye when it opened due to their awesome branding! Since I am in the social media and marketing field for restaurants, whenever I see a restaurant that has done their branding well, it automatically sticks out.

That being said, the name didn’t give anything away, so I had no clue what the cuisine would be. Hearing that it was Spanish tapas immediately warmed me up, and I eagerly checked out their menu. I saw some of the normal stuff- cheese, charcuterie, patatas bravas, etc., but then there were novelty items that I haven’t really come across in the Spanish tapas space here in Atlanta, such as octopus and duck.

What I also loved is that the menu is so large and varied, that it really cant be a miss for many. There are lots of vegetarian choices, and so many meats that even the biggest carnivore will be satiated! We were lucky enough to try out many items from the menu, and here is my breakdown.

Hits: Pulpo y Piperade (Spanish octopus), Azalorea Erreta (charred cauliflower steak)and the bikini (grilled cheese with jamon iberico and black truffle). Let me explain- the octopus was so tender and able to be chewed without being chewy, and without knowing, you would never think its octopus. That’s what made it a huge hit for me- the fact that even those faint of heart could easily have it and fall in love! It almost tasted like a vegetable dish to me minus the texture of the octopus. Secondly, while I was somewhat disappointed that a cauliflower steak showed up for us, (I’m not a big vegetarian food fan), I fell in love with this dish! The amazing dollops of varying sauces lent so much flavor to the actual vegetable that it did not taste like cauliflower to me at all. Also, the plate was presented so beautifully. Thirdly, the bikini has always been a hit for me. Why? Well, truffle is my absolute favorite. The mushroom kind, not chocolate. It gives such a unique flavor to food that anytime I see truffle as an ingredient, I’m almost sold on the dish. Not only that, but jamon iberico is one of my faves in the charcuterie department, so I knew this couldn’t be a miss. 

On to the cocktails. In my mind, this restaurant eventually will be known primarily for the delicious cocktails. I also find the whole bar atmosphere to be so vibrant and enchanting that its the perfect place to take a date or grab a friend for a drink. They make many of their tonics in house, and I love the stories behind them! My favorite drink on their menu has been the La Lorea since the first time I came in, and while I tried other drinks this time around, I still like that one the best.

The only thing that I didn’t think was a huge hit for me was the desserts. While beautifully presented and decadent, I felt like they should be more mouth watering. For me, that means more chocolate, please!

Know before you go: The drinks are amazing and STRONG, so be prepared to uber home! Try out menu items that you normally wouldn’t- I find that the best dishes on the menu are the ones you wouldn’t normally choose. I can’t say C&S overly expensive for all the items we tried. It’s definitely a bit cheaper than its Spanish counter parts such as Gypsy Kitchen.

cooks and soldiers barIf you like a vibrant bar scene, sitting in that area of the restaurant is perfect!

cooks and soldiers drinks

bruschetta cooks and soldiersA fancier version of bruschetta called tartare

cooks and soldier octopusThe delicious Spanish octopus

duck cooks and soldierThe delicious duck breast called Pato Bularreko

cauliflower steakCauliflower steak that I ended up loving!

bikini cooks and soldiersThe bikini- a glorified ham and cheese that is 2x as delicious as a normal one is!

pigs in a blanketChistorra in a Blanket- a different take on pigs in a blanket. The sausage was yummy

la lorea cooks and soldiersThe La Lorea, a cava based cocktail. Definitely an acquired taste, but delicious!

tonic cocktails cooks and soldiersTheir special drinks of the evening, with the house made tonic. The blood orange and kiwi!

Cooks and Soldiers

691 14th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318