Atlanta Food: Holeman And Finch Public House


This week I’m back with a post on an incredible restaurant I’ve been frequenting for the past few years called Holeman and Finch Public House. When looking for restaurants I want to visit, I always check the cocktail menu to make sure they have unique hand crafted drinks, and then see if the food menu offers charcuterie and equally interesting small plates. This restaurant had both!

Holeman and Finch is set up as a casual half dining room, half bar setting. Its dark, sort of dingy looking (in the bar area) and very intriguing! All of their bartenders are mixologists, so you know the drinks are going to be amazing. They can customize drinks based on your preferences, and this is definitely something they are known for. As for food, the main item they started out with was “the burger.” They originally would only serve 20 of said item at 10 pm, and customers had to call to reserve one for themselves. And even through all of that, there would be a line out the door! Now the burger is a staple on the menu every day of the week.

The food menu follows the general rule of thumb now- all small plates and not big enough for sharing. However, the bill racks up quickly, so I would recommend going with a group to make it more affordable. People with an open palette will enjoy this restaurant much more than those who expect to find normal items on the menu. Vegetarians, stay away! The menu is printed daily, so expect to be surprised with a few variations each day.

This restaurant is a favorite for happy hour goers, so getting a spot at the bar is always harder than getting a table in the sit down area. However, the bar area is much more fun, and offers the whole menu.

Food Faves: Shrimp toast, the burger, and the black sea bass






Holeman and Finch Menu Available HERE

2277 Peachtree Rd NE

Atlanta, GA 30309