Cochon 555 and Heritage BBQ Event Sunday, October 30th!

This Sunday, 5 amazing and famous chefs from the Atlanta food scene will be competing against each other to be crowned the bbq winner of Heritage BBQ 2016! Heritage BBQ is a culinary competition where each chef is given a 180 to 200 lb heritage breed pig to create 6 dishes for a crowd of pork loving enthusiasts. The chefs will also need to present a judges plate to be crowned the winner! The most exciting part for me is that these are all chefs whose restaurants I frequent! Chefs Ford Fry, Kevin Rathbun, Nick Melvin, Hector Santiago, and Terry Koval will be the ones competing for a cash prize. In addition, there will also be a Somm Smackdown featuring exciting wines from around the globe, tequila tastings, and more! Tickets are available HERE.

The event is taking place at The Stave Room, 199 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta GA 30324

I’ll be at the event, and I hope to see some of you there!




Atlanta Food: Canoe Brunch

french toast canoe

Now that brunch is a thing here in Atlanta and across the U.S., its time to break down some of the best spots! I discovered Canoe years ago for dinner, and much more than the food, the atmosphere made me want to keep coming back. It’s hard to find such beautiful restaurants here in Atlanta, and Canoe really delivers. It’s on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, and they have patio seating as well as an outdoor bar with limited seating. One of my favorite things Continue reading

Atlanta Food: Eclipse Di Luna

ceviche atlanta

Eclipse Di Luna has a special place in my family’s heart. We discovered this restaurant soon after moving to Atlanta, 17 years ago. We always went there when we wanted a fun meal, and also always took our visitors there. While Atlanta now has so many incredible restaurants, this one fills the need for a well priced and tasty food menu. Its not fancy, but has that sort of rustic imperfection that most restaurants in Spain Continue reading

Austin Food: Second Bar + Kitchen

salmon second kitchen and bar

I was in Houston last weekend for a wedding, and having heard so much about Austin recently, we knew we wanted to head down there at least for a day and see what this city had to offer. I have to say, I loved it! And as all foodies do, we had to ensure there was good food- so I took to the internet to find a “trendy,” “fun,” and “good food” restaurant. After reviewing a few different websites, I found Second Bar + Kitchen on Eater 39, and I always Continue reading

Knit Dress For a Dinner


I have been on the search for a few more long sleeve knit dresses to add to my collection, but its been a lot harder than I imagined! For some reason, the right fit was not available anywhere. Since I worked for Abercrombie and Fitch for so long, I knew their fits would be perfect for me, so I walked into a store and grabbed Continue reading