Face and Body Southeast Event


Last month I had the privilege of attending the Face and Body Southeast Conference and Exp. This was a three day event during which local and national companies had the opportunity to showcase important aspects of their brand to industry professionals and prospective students. The expo was set up with numerous Continue reading

How to Banish Dry Skin

While I have oily skin on my face, I have the driest skin on my body! This means no matter how much I moisturize, its usually never enough, and when it feels like its enough, its too much and leaves me feeling greasy and sweaty. Enter: Aveeno moisturizing lotions. I discovered 3 different body lotions by this drugstore brand recently and have absolutely fallen in love!


The most moisturizing of the three, the Creamy Moisturizing Oil is my favorite. I had never heard of the concept of a “creamy oil,” it almost sounds like a contradiction! Upon dispensing it, I was pleasantly surprised by how thin the product really is. That being said, due to this, I didn’t think it would moisturize enough. I was absolutely wrong! Somehow, in a very thin form, this creamy moisturizing oil packs a punch and moisturizes intensely while still remaining non greasy. My favorite part? The fact that I can put it on after a shower in the morning and I still feel moisturized at night.

61ee39aNSxL._SY355_The second one I am loving is the Daily Moisturizing Lotion. The consistency of this one is quite different than the first, in that it looks and feels much thicker, almost wax like. When rubbed into the skin, it also dries to a more matte finish than the creamy moisturizing oil. It is made with natural colloidal oats, and you can tell that it is less hydrating than the first. For people who do not suffer immensely from dry skin, you will find this to be a very comfortable wear.


The third body lotion from the Aveeno line up I have been loving is an extension of the second. It is the Daily Moisturizing Lotion Sheer Hydration. I expected this one to barely moisturize, but boy was I wrong! This is most similar to the creamy moisturizing oil, but lighter in hydration. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves no greasy residue just like the other two, but feels similar in texture to the first.


I love all three of them, but have to say the creamy moisturizing oil is my absolute favorite! I also love the fact that Aveeno is so affordable and can be picked up at any local drugstore.

Have any of you tried out any of the above products? If so, which one did you like the most?

My Experience With Laser Hair Removal

Hey ladies,
long time no talk =( I’m so very sorry! I started a new job, went traveling, and was uber busy with a million things in between including wedding season! But I’m back, and for good.

Today I wanted to take the time to talk to you about laser hair removal.

The History…
1) I’ve always suffered from extremely sensitive skin on my legs, which made shaving very difficult
2) I would bleed like a fountain from shaving!
3) I researched tons of options about laser hair removal, but always thought it was too pricy

The Present…
1) I logged on to www.groupon.com and found an amazing laser hair removal deal there! $600 for full body laser hair removal, and 6 treatments.
2) I researched the company who was offering this deal, and found great in depth, honest reviews from patients.
3) I went for it!

I have only had one treatment so far, but I am already seeing great results! I am getting my whole body done, and that literally means every hair. I bought a numbing gel so subside the pain if there was any, and this really helped me. When I had a consultation, my skin burned and stung with the impact on the laser. However, after using the numbing gel, I did not feel anything except for tiny stinging sensations on sensitive areas of my skin such as the Brazilian area, ankles, and knees.

Things to Know Before you Go:
1) Everybody’s skin reacts differently. There have been a few cases where laser hair removal has caused hyper or hypo pigmentation
2) There might be pain, depending on your pain threshold
3) Every area of your body can be lasered without side affects. For example, getting the brazilian area done will not affect your chance of getting pregnant and will not cause birth defects
4) It takes about 6-10 treatments for all your hair to be gone
5) You might not see any results until the 3rd treatment
6) Pregnancy changes your hormones, and some of your hair will start to resurface during this time
7) Even after all your treatments, you might be left with very minimal hair that can be shaved off
8) During your 6 treatments, you are not allowed to wax, you can only shave the hair off
9) Light skinned, dark haired people make the best candidate

My Experience:
1) With the help of the numbing gel, I did not feel any pain except in my brazilian area, ankles, and knees
2) I was able to decide on all the areas I wanted done with no problems, the staff was friendly and engaging, and extremely helpful
3) After just one treatment, my underarms have stopped growing hair, and other areas of my skin is only growing back hair in patches

I will update you guys once I have a few more treatments!

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