Face and Body Southeast Event


Last month I had the privilege of attending the Face and Body Southeast Conference and Exp. This was a three day event during which local and national companies had the opportunity to showcase important aspects of their brand to industry professionals and prospective students. The expo was set up with numerous booths where individuals could try out beeswax waxing, eyelash extensions, hand massages, facials, and much more. Each brand was there to impress and network with all the expo goers.




I met so many industry professionals and tried out products that I had never heard of. From collagen shots (the kind you drink), to spicy all natural facial masks, there was something for everyone. The best part of the weekend to me was the fact that I learned about so many esthetician and cosmetology schools in the Atlanta area that customers can go to and receive services at highly discounted prices.


The company that I fell in love with was Eminence, an all natural and organic skincare line. I was gifted their eye makeup remover from a friend a little while ago, and was in awe of how gentle it was and how well it removed makeup. However I had never heard of the company until then, so when I saw it at the expo, I was transported to skincare heaven! Not only do they have incredible skincare products that are as natural as it comes, but they also did a great job displaying their inventory in a way that was interesting and fun to try out. As a consumer, I always appreciate companies that do that well. In addition, they were even demonstrating facials for the public.


All in all, the weekend was packed with hands on classes, a ton of goodies, and mostly, a whole lot of knowledge. It was a great event to network with industry professionals and learn about services and companies that you might not have known about before. There were even companies where you could buy professional spa equipment. If you’re interested in this industry, this conference and expo is a great place to go and be educated!