How To: Fade Acne Scarring and Get Glowing Skin!


All of you have been asking me what I’ve been doing to get my skin clear and more radiant. I really struggle with getting any sort of shine without looking oily, and I long ago discovered vitamin c was the perfect thing to get that sort of “glow from within.” Also, I scar so easily! I’ll get one pimple, and not only will it last forever, I know it will
for sure leave behind a gnarly scar. In this post, I talk about the amazing products from Banish that I discovered for these problems. Also, all of the products by this company are all natural!

Banish is known for one very special product, their roller. This is a steel bristle, tooth brush looking device that you roll on clean skin to create micro channels so that products to follow can seep in better. Remember, to get rid of scarring, you have to get beneath the surface layers of your skin. You roll in one direction over a large area, and then roll perpendicular to that same area.


Once that is done, you follow with the vitamin c, e, and ferulic acid serum that is a part of the Banish kit. In case there is slight bleeding, don’t worry! This did not happen to me, but it can occur, and is totally normal. If you have a low pain threshold, you might want to take an ibuprofen before you roll. Again, I did not have to do this because it did not cause much pain for me. You should roll once every two weeks at first, and then once a week once your skin gets used to it.

Other products I really enjoy from Banish include their pumpkin enzyme mask, vitamin c creme, and vitamin c elixir. Hey, a girls’ gotta get her glow one way or the other! The elixir can be sprayed on to your face whenever, wherever. Its quick and easy, but make sure to follow with sunscreen after using any vitamin c product! The elixir is closest to a toner, in my opinion, so I tend to use it in the morning after I wash my face and before I apply moisturizer.

The last vitamin c product is the creme. I was worried this wouldn’t work for my oily skin, but I find that when I use it just at night, I wake up looking refreshed and my skin looks much more plump and healthy. While it is thick, it hasn’t affected my oily skin.


Lastly, exfoliating your skin is SO important! I cannot stress enough that you MUST exfoliate at least once a week. I feel a huge difference in my skin after I exfoliate, and all products used thereafter go into my skin so much better! It’s literally something you can feel. It almost feels like your skin is now drinking product, whereas earlier it was just sitting on the surface of your skin. The pumpkin enzyme mask smells delicious, and is a thicker exfoliator than I’m used to. However, it exfoliates so well! I use it about twice a week.


All of these products are available HERE

Banish Kit (roller, serum, and plastic jar): $69

Vitamin C Serum: $39

Vitamin C Creme: $39

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: $29

Vitamin C Beauty Elixer: $19