Super Affordable Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming back here to read this! Today’s post is about a super affordable 8 piece eyeshadow brush set by Beauty Junkee. I have mentioned some of their other products in my earlier videos (detangler brushes and kabuki brush). Their products are truly quality and a great price. How can you beat that?!

The 8 piece brush set that I have retails for $39.97 but with code MEGHAYT10 you will receive $10 off. Each individual brush also retails for $9.97 and with code MEGHAYT25 you will receive 25% off one single brush. Click HERE to be taken to the website.

Brushes Included:

Flat definer

Pro crease

Tapered blending

Precision eye liner

Angled shading


All over shading


What I love most about this kit is that each brush in here is actually something you would use. I find that most sets/kits always throw in a few unnecessary brushes that you don’t really need, and you’ve had to pay for them since they’re in the kit. I also like that some of the brushes are synthetic and the others, natural bristles. This makes them very versatile to use for different looks.

Natural bristles are made of animal hair, and tend to pick up less product to deliver a natural look. This is especially great when you’re working with very bright or dark colors because the brush won’t deposit so much at first go. This way you can keep building to get the desired effect. Synthetic bristles are man made and pick up a lot of product. This is great when you’re working with brushes to pick up eyeliner.

IMG_5701This 8 piece set comes in a faux leather pouch. Perfect for traveling!


IMG_5699The 3 blending brushes. From left to right, blending, crease, and tapered blending.

IMG_5698The three synethic brushes in the kit. From left to right, flat definer, pencil, and precision eye liner.

IMG_5697The two lid brushes- angled shading and all over shading.


A few other things to know about the brushes and company:

Beauty Junkees, Inc. was founded by Julia Ritzenthaler in 2013. Julia is a junkee herself, and had a vision of developing high quality beauty tools at a reasonable price point.  Current lines include professional quality makeup brushes, makeup sponges and a knot detangler hair brush. 100% money back guarantee on all products, no questions asked.

Current selling prices for all products on (prices subject to change):

  • Pro Series Eye Brush Set $39.97: includes 8 essential brushes plus a makeup bag; individual brushes listed at $9.97.
  • 5pc Large Kabuki Set $47.88: Includes Flat, Angled, Flat Angled, Tapered, and Round plus a travel makeup tube; individual brushes listed at $11.97.
  • 5pc mini Kabuki Set $29.97: Includes mini version of each of the large kabuki set plus a travel makeup tube; individual brushes listed at $10.97.
  • 4pc Pro Makeup Sponges $14.97: Offering both a sample pack with 4 unique shapes and colors, and 4 packs of same type sponge.
  • Knot Detangler Hair Brush Set $14.97: Includes 2 hairbrushes, one large and one mini.