Review: Benefit They’re Real Push- Up Liner

Hi Guys!

I recently purchased the Benefit waterproof “They’re Real Push- Up Liner” and I wanted to do a quick review. I went into Sephora looking for a matte black liquid eyeliner that stays in place. After trying out a few from Kat Von D, Stila, and a few others, the Sephora sales girl helped me find this one. We settled on it because it was the darkest one out of all that I swatched, but also because when I rubbed on it it didn’t budge and there was no feathering at all. 

This eyeliner is a gel consistency one, not a liquid like I had originally intended on purchasing. The concept is what made me actually make the purchase- a gel in a pen form, rather than in a jar that you apply with a brush. It seemed more user friendly to me.

This eyeliner goes for $24.

IMG_5484This eyeliner has cute and durable packaging. Twist off cover, and shiny black all over. Sleek too!

IMG_5487After opening the twist off cap, there is a rubber tip exposed which is parted when the gel comes out. You have to twist the bottom to release the gel. The first time will take a while to release the gel, keep that in mind!

IMG_5485The rubber tip is pretty sturdy and is cut at a curve to make it easier to apply 

IMG_5486Swatched on the back of my hand. Its super dark and the line is still pretty thin


– darkest black I have seen in a while

– gel is a thick consistency so you don’t have to draw over a few times

– the tip makes it much easier to draw a cat eye

– more efficient than a jar and brush combo to draw on eyeliner

– waterproof


– very difficult to get off your eyes! Even days later you’re still taking off remnants of it

– can’t draw a thinner line than what I have shown in the above picture due to the size of the rubber head

– wastage can occur if you twist off too much (which you will in the beginning when you’re getting used to it)

– the rubber head can get clogged so there might be some clean up before using it 

– pretty expensive. I would be more likely to buy this product if it was $16-$18

Overall Grade: B