Review: Glossier Face Masks

Hello my fellow beauty junkies!

You guys have heard me rant and rave about the Glossier phase one set enough already, but now I’m here to tell you guys about the newest products in their line up. Introducing…the mega greens galaxy pack, and the moisturizing moon mask! Yes, face masks. I really thought the next product from Glossier would be a face wash (I had even suggested that one) but they created two different, yet complimentary face masks instead.

IMG_6415The packaging is plastic tubs of 3 oz. of product each for $22

IMG_6418Both masks have a totally different feel and are different colors

The mega greens galaxy pack has been dubbed the “juice cleanse” for your face by Glossier. This means its loaded with super fruit and leafy greens such as parsley, spinach, lemon, etc., and is really good for your skin. Its base is kaolin clay, which is the lightest form of clay for a clay mask. However, don’t let that fool you! This mask does a lot of work without looking or feeling (hello non drying clay!) like it. 

Glossier’s Claims:

Detoxifying, balancing, nourishing, and helps to calm inflammation. They also say it helps draw out excess oil and impurities, and leaves your skin feeling soft with a velvet- matte finish.

My Experience:


This mask is a thick (ish) one that is very light green in texture with a slight scent that is very pleasant. I moisten my face before putting it on (as per Glossier’s instructions), and slather it on with a few fingers. Upon contact I feel that there is a slight tingling and burning sensation which goes away in the first few minutes of application. It dries to a translucent finish and almost disappears into the skin. You can see tiny green particles around your face from the leafy greens. After removal, I found my face to be very soft, and conditioned, as opposed to dry and tight which is usually what I feel like after using clay masks. My skin felt clean, did have a velvet matte finish, and produced less oil throughout the day. However, I didn’t see a gigantic difference in my skin or anything in particular that I felt wowed me. 

Overall Grade: B

The moisturizing moon mask is meant to brighten skin with sweet almond oil, plant based squaline, and hyaluronic acid. This mask is also packed with lots of natural products such as honey, licorice, and lemon fruit extract to plump up and hydrate the skin

Glossier’s Claims:

Hydrating, plumping, brightening, smooth fine lines and restore elasticity. It is also supposed to even out the complexion and soothe the skin while pumping in moisture.

My Experience:


This mask is so different than I was expecting. It looks something like Pond’s cold cream but has the texture of a gel and cream in one. Thick, but not heavy, bouncy, but not like flubber (sorry, I had to). I apply this with a few fingers and try to get a thick layer so I can see it more- but as time goes on it soaks into the skin and turns completely transparent. When I went to the mirror after 20 minutes, I was shocked to see my face looking very shiny and the mask virtually having disappeared. It looks like your skin would look after applying a toner or a serum. Basically, very shiny. This made me think the mask has completely soaked into my skin, and when I wet my hands and started taking it off, I realized that it really did soak in very much because this mask was hard to get off! My hands slipped and slid to remove all of it, but that made me very happy! I also noticed a huge difference in the brightness of my complexion and the obvious glow there was. I also loved the fact that my face did not feel tight at all, rather very comfortable and soft to the touch. 

Overall Grade: A

I follow both the masks with the Glossier face mist and then the priming moisturizer, and I love the results. Glossier says to use both the masks in one sitting (first the mega greens for 20 minutes, followed by the moisturizing moon mask for another 20), but I like to use them separately. I prefer using the mega greens in the morning since it helps reduce oil production throughout the day, and the moisturizing moon mask at night. I feel like the next morning after having used that mask there is a huge difference in my normally dull skin.

Each mask retails for $22, and are 3 oz. each. Not bad at all, considering how many brands charge an arm and a leg for skincare such as this. You can purchase them HERE. Don’t forget to check out my video review on both of them: