Knit Dress For a Dinner


I have been on the search for a few more long sleeve knit dresses to add to my collection, but its been a lot harder than I imagined! For some reason, the right fit was not available anywhere. Since I worked for Abercrombie and Fitch for so long, I knew their fits would be perfect for me, so I walked into a store and grabbed Continue reading

Ripped Jeans For In Between Weather


My guilty pleasure has always been destroyed jeans. I love the comfort and the automatic “cool” factor that they instantly deliver, but finding the perfect pair can be difficult. My go to store for them is definitely Abercrombie and Fitch. In general, their jeans have a great fit, and last a really long time! For in between weather like the kind we have in Atlanta right now, Continue reading


So I just recently finished reading Grey, the story of 50 Shades of Grey from the perspective of Christian himself. So when I was looking at my pictures for this post, I couldn’t even think of a title- I just kept thinking Grey. So pardon my boring title, and read Grey. 

Remember when I mentioned over the summer that I was dying to find myself a few jumpsuits but it was very hard? Well, that problem is now over because I found so many! This beauty was picked up at AX on sale, and it fits so well that I didn’t even have to alter it. Its color makes it perfect for an evening out!

DSC_6650I’ve always loved shades of grey on my skin, and this one is no different! It would also really suit olive skin tones

DSC_6683I really loved my last Roxbox. This necklace and cuff are totally my style! Remember, code makeupbymeghaxoxo will give you your first month of Rocksbox free! Check out my previous post to see just what this jewelry subscription is about!

DSC_6633Because the entire outfit is one color, I had to add a pop of color with my shoes! And I have to say, these beauties by Joie are so comfortable!

DSC_6665My studded Jimmy Choo clutch added a little bit of a rocker effect which I always love!





Outfit Details:

– Grey Jumpsuit: AX (on sale!)

– Shoes: Joie (bought on Rue La La on sale)

– Necklace: Rocksbox

– Clutch: Jimmy Choo (bought on Rue La La on sale)

– Cuff: Rocksbox