Hair Extensions: Clips Ins for Thickness and Volume

Hey everyone!

In the past year or so, my normally thick hair started to thin out. I see a noticeable difference in my hair especially when I keep it straight, and I hate it! Enter: hair extensions. I never thought I would be the girl who would love them. I didn’t even expect to like them. But I can honestly say they are a game changer! I also have a full video on them demonstrating how to use them –>

I got a set of “natural black” colored extensions from Irresistible Me, from their silky touch line. They are 200 grams, which basically means thats how much they weigh. Aka, they’re pretty thick pieces of hair. I got 20 inches to match my current length of hair, and I love them! It’s so easy to clip them in. You just part your hair where you want to put them in, and un clip/re clip to hold them in place. Then you tousle your natural hair to cover the clips so they don’t show. 

If you get the correct color, they should blend in very well- so make sure you check out the full range to choose your best shade! I got the thickest hair available because I was going for volume and thickness over length. And when I put them in, even when my hair is straight, theres a huge difference in my hair! It looks so much healthier and thicker. And then when I curl it, va-va-voom! Its instant fullness and looks like its all my natural hair.

At first when you look at the number of pieces of hair you get, you might think it is too little- but in reality, theres only so much scalp everyone has, and you can’t possibly get all the pieces in. For me, I could only use the largest/thickest piece (4 clips) and then two 3 clip pieces, for a total of 3 pieces!

Remember, hair extensions are supposed to feel like extensions of your own natural hair. So don’t treat them any different! You can curl and straighten them like you do your normal hair. You should also shampoo at regular intervals so they don’t feel dirty.

FullSizeRender copyMy natural hair, no extensions

FullSizeRender-2Extensions in, hair still natural. No straightening or flat iron use

FullSizeRenderQuick beachy curls with my extensions in

This was my first time using any extensions, and I have to say I’m in love. Here is a quick pros and cons list for you guys!


– So many different lengths and thickness available so you can customize to your needs. Many different colors too

– Easy maintenance

– Look very natural

– Easy to style so you can add them to any look you want to achieve

– Will last a LOOOONGGG time


– Price ($200 for a whole box)

Overall Grade: A+

I can only speak for Irresistible Me since those are the only ones I have used, but I really love the ones I got. If you are someone who likes to wear extensions on a daily basis, you should go for their Royal Remy collection, as those will last longer.

And since I know they are expensive, here is a direct link and coupon code for you! Use code “IrresistibleMegha” to save 10% off your order!